Sports Injuries

Acupuncture for Hamstring Pulls – Quad Pulls – Joint Injuries – Concussions – Ankle Sprains – Overall Recovery
Chiropractic and acupuncture treatment together is becoming the trend in sports medicine today.  An injured athlete’s number one goal is to be able to return to play at the same competative level he or she was at prior to the injury.  Atlantic Wholistic Associates treats numerous amounts of athletes throughout New Jersey, dealing with high school, college, and professional athletes statewide.  We believe here at Atlantic Wholistic that dedication to such treatments with strong rehabilitation could speed up recovery time in all types of injuries, from muscle strains to concussions and more.

If you play a sport, then you are likely to experience some sort of injury over the course of your life.  Whether it be a broken bone, sprain, pulled muscle, etc. – an injury is more than likely going to occur.  If you ask any athlete what the first question is that goes through their mind when an injury occurs, their response will usually be “How long is it going to take before I can play again?”.  The answer to this question will vary based on the type of injury and its severity.  However, with any injury, acupuncture has shown that it can accelerate the healing process and reduce the chance of the injury from occurring again.

There are many types of injuries that can occur while playing any sport.  If you have experienced any of the following sports injuries, then acupuncture can be used as a treatment:

Acupuncture therapy has shown to be very affective when treating a sports related injury in addition to any other type of injury.  Acupuncture can target specific parts of the body that allows it to heal naturally and provide long lasting effects. Many athletes have added acupuncture therapy to their training regimen as a way to treat injuries and prevent future injuries as well.  Even professional athletes like star Giant’s Running Back, Tiki Barber has used acupuncture therapy in the past to treat sore muscles after games.

If you have recently been injured after playing a sport, then acupuncture therapy can help you through the healing process.  Call us today at 732-528-8884 if you have any questions about how acupuncture therapy works.  We’re looking forward to helping you get back to the sport you love!