Cupping is a simple and effective therapeutic technique, which can be  used alone or in combination with acupuncture or moxibustion to enhance the treatment. The method of cupping is used to warm and move Qi and blood in the meridians. It entails placing an inverted cup onto the person’s skin. Traditionally heat is applied to the cup, which in turn reduces the internal pressure inside the cup creating a vacuum effect. This results in the person’s skin to be drawn up by suction. This suction pulls the blood to the surface of the skin inside the cup. This actually helps the tissue develop a new blood flow and it can also result in neovascularization, which is the development of new blood vessels. This formation of new blood vessels can result in an increase in nutrients and oxygen for the surrounding muscles and tissue. So essentially cupping stimulates healing by increasing circulation and oxygenation while also creating new blood vessels and moving old stagnant blood. Cupping is generally painless but it is not uncommon for small bruises to appear. This is completely normal and is a sign of an effective treatment session. These minor bruises will be absorbed naturally and should not cause any serious discomfort. There are mainly three types of cups used for cupping; glass, plastic and porcelain. Glass and plastic cups are most commonly used because the transparency of these types of cups allows the practitioner to view the degree of suction and congestion.

Cupping can be used to treat headaches and dizziness, asthma, anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, rheumatic diseases, pain in the tendons and bones, epigastric pain, vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion, the common cold and menstruation pain. There are various methods of cupping. The retention cupping method involves the cup sitting on a person’s skin for about 5 to 15 minutes depending on the suction strength. This is simply used for general illness. The multiple cupping method is just the retention cupping method but with multiple cups. This technique can be used for patients who have trauma to muscle groups. The cups are placed in a row along the muscles involved and this is called row cupping. Flash cupping is another method used which involves the cup being applied and taken off repeatedly. This is performed rapidly and applied over local areas affected by numbness and lack of function. One of the other cupping methods is known as the sliding cup method. This involves the practitioner applying oil to the skin or adding a lubricant to the rim of the cup. The practitioner then moves the cup back and forth in the affected area. The method usually involves a large cup being applied to large flat body surfaces. The sliding movement continues until the skin has reddened.

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