Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain is a common ailment that people will experience at some point in their lives.  Considering that there are many different causes of shoulder pain, there are a lot of ways for a person to experience it.  Shoulder pain can be caused by a muscle spasm, overworking a shoulder muscle, arthritis, tendinitis, injury, and many other causes.

When someone experiences shoulder pain their first course of action is to see a doctor.  Many doctors use pain medications to treat shoulder pain however, pain medications come with many side effects and can become addictive.  In comparison, acupuncture therapy is an alternative treatment to shoulder pain that you can turn to. It doesn’t have side effects and isn’t addictive.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms due to shoulder pain then acupuncture therapy may be right for you:

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

Regardless of the cause and type of shoulder pain you may be experiencing, acupuncture therapy may be the right treatment option for you.  Acupuncture works by releasing natural neurotransmitters (endorphins) in order for the body to relieve the pain on its own.  This therapy has shown to be more effective than pain medications or anti-inflammatories on their own.

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