Acupuncture for Men's Health

Sexual Health is often a reflection of the body's overall wellbeing and is an integral part of our mental and physical longevity. Thankfully, our Acupuncture techniques have been shown to be clinically effective in improving symptoms of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction as well as mild prostate and urinary issues. For both men and women, we feel that sexual health is shamefully overlooked in our current health care model and that if you don't have to rely on a pill or other product, the spontaneity of sexual vitality will only enhance your overall satisfaction.

Depending on your complaint and what we find in our assessment, we'll give you our honest opinion on how much we believe we'll be able to help and then provide treatments tailored to your symptoms. By utilizing Electro-Acupuncture to stimulate the nerves that travel to the reproductive organs we're able to stimulate the area from a safe and comfortable distance.

When you're not in the office with us, we'll give a small list of exercises that you can perform sitting at your desk or while standing on line at the bank. These pelvic floor exercise will strengthen the muscles immediately associated with sexual health.

Traditional East-Asian Medicine has prioritized Sexual Health for over 2000 years and contains a depth of valuable, practical wisdom on the topic. Here at Atlantic Wholistic we pay homage to that wisdom and help to usher it into modernity.

Of course, your health information will remain completely private but our hope is that you and your partner will be singing the praises of of your treatment results!